Emma’s first podcast experience – Living Unconventionally and then some!

I was recently interviewed by fellow nomad Britany Felix for her awesome podcast Living Unconventionally. I was in the middle of my Japan trip, experiencing an epic cold and negotiating emotions about a recent traumatic experience in my community. I pride myself on being resilient and so instead of putting off the interview, I decided to go with it and lean into my imperfect conditions. Just like my recent speaking engagement at the Digital Nomad Summit, I put my whole self out there; I didn’t over think what I was going to say, I just let the conversation flow in an authentic and imperfect way. That seems to be my style. I am starting to think I would make a terrible actor or celebrity as I can’t seem to hold anything back. I will tell you this, though, it feels fucking awesome. There is something so ridiculously freeing about being yourself and taking off that mask so many people wear. Is it embarrassing – hell yes! Is it scary – absolutely! Will some people hate it – you bet! Does it sometimes backfire – Yes! Does it bring me joy anyway- without a doubt!

I love talking about the nomad community and nomad values and can even admit a bit of an obsession. I remember this feeling when I first got into sustainable seafood and fisheries – I wanted to know everything and learn as much as possible. And the more I find out the more I want to talk about it and ask the questions – any question, all the questions. I am so grateful that Britany let me ramble in a classic Emma way and still thought it was inspiring and refreshing. I believe everything I say in the podcast with all my heart and after listening to it think I only put my foot in my mouth once – not too bad!

So here is my first podcast interview as Emma the Nomad – you will cringe, you will nod your head, you will laugh and you may not make it to the end.
*****Language warning. I use the F-word and other swear words in the podcast.

Part 1 (55 mins)

Part 2 (43 mins)

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2 thoughts on “Emma’s first podcast experience – Living Unconventionally and then some!

  1. That was fun to listen to! I’m thinking about whether or not to live the nomadic lifestyle, unsure if it is for me. Your podcast gave me a lot of insight

  2. Thanks for posting the Podcast! You’re right not everyone needs to start a business, their current job might allow them to be a Nomad.

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