About Emma

Emma the Nomad knows how to live an energetic, grounded, authentic, and mindful nomadic life. She shares her stories, quirkiness, and lessons learned with the world to inspire others and remind them about the importance of empathy and self care in any lifestyle. Between 2011 and 2016, Emma McLaren traveled around the world 15 times and visited 42 countries – a scaled up version of her already well travelled and non-rooted self. For this reason Emma considers herself a born Nomad and Nomad for life.
However, the nomadic lifestyle, over the last decade, has seen Emma struggle with maintaining good physical and mental health, relationships as well as cope with feelings of loneliness. With a successful executive career as a sustainable seafood consultant, Emma could not afford to let her body and mind suffer if she wanted to maintain her success. In 2016, Emma was on the brink of giving up the nomadic lifestyle. She didn’t. Instead Emma took a complete about-turn and started focusing on self-care, meaningful connections and looking inward, whilst her fast paced life took her to places all over the world. Emma discovered that only through mindfulness, conscious relationships, love and kindness can she truly be fulfilled as a nomad. Because, after all, wherever she goes, there she is.
To reach Emma the Nomad please email emmathenomad (at) gmail