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Living Unconventionally Podcast: 
Recorded while in Kyoto Japan during an epic cold and flu, Emma holds nothing back about life on the road as a nomad in her authentic, quirky and totally honest interview on the popular Living Unconventionally Podcast. She talks about getting stool samples upon returning from a month in Honduras, her need to keep a messy room, crying on the steps alone in Chiang Mai and how draining it used to be to wear a mask of inauthenticity. Emma brings up big picture nomad culture and values and she might just make you feel like a nomad yourself! Find out why she thinks Nomads are amazing and have a listen to Emma on the Living Unconventionally Podcast. Big shout out to Britany Felix for listening, supporting and creating a beautiful end product! Thank you! [part 1 is 55 mins and discusses the joys and challenges of being on the road and part 2 is 43 minutes and talks about working for a virtual organization, my employer Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and the future of work and travel and the nomad community].

Part 1:

Part 2:












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